Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Signs Your Website Is Scaring Away Customers

Online traffic is more savvy than ever when it comes to finding flaws within a website. Often, all it takes is a dead link or an unwanted pop-up to drive away a potential customer for good. This is why every business owner needs to know some of the most common mistakes that may be hurting their conversion rates.

Pop-Up Spam
A well-placed pop-up, asking if a visitor would like to speak with a representative or sign up for your newsletter, can be useful, but that is where the pop-ups should stop. Many are surprised by the fact that major search engines, such as Google, could actually drop a site's rankings if the pop-ups become intrusive or are used to initiate an unwanted download.

Unusual Domain Names
Most business owners will want their business name to be their URL, but this can be difficult as the amount of web pages on the internet is quickly moving towards the one billion mark. If this is the case for your own business, then you may want to consider a straightforward URL that focuses on nothing but your products, services, and location.

Typos and Wrong Grammar
A website will often be the first impression that a customer will have of a company, and pages riddled with errors makes the company look sloppy. Even businesses that are not focusing on providing huge amounts of content should still take the time to make sure that the spelling and grammar are correct and visitors are not faced with huge blocks of writing.

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