Monday, August 31, 2015

SEO & PPC: 2 Must-Have Tools in Online Marketing

As the world of internet marketing evolves, changes must continually be adapted to have a successful marketing campaign. Today, businesses have realized the importance of online marketing, especially via search engines, since the average web visitor is more likely to land on your website through a Google search than through any other means.

Through it all, SEO and PPC have remained paramount platforms by which marketing goals are achieved. Search optimization makes your website visible, while Pay-per-Click advertising directs highly-targeted traffic to your business’ web pages. 

In spite of the benefits they offer, many organizations simply opt to pick one over the other instead of utilizing them to complement each other. Usually, when choosing between the two options, many businesses go for only SEO, without realizing that PPC could better help them achieve more sales. 

When combined in an online marketing campaign, companies enjoy a distinct edge which can include: 

Enhanced Visibility – The business can dominate both organic and paid search, which will significantly increase traffic. Search engines are also likely to recognize your website as an established presence in your niche.

Better PR Management – Controlling both SEO and PPC results means that, if you get the occasional negative feedback about your business, you can easily tell your side of the story and let it reach your customers faster. 

Improved Social Media Marketing – Your social media ads become highly targeted, and therefore, more precise, increasing the chances of success.

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